The 2004 SFFL

2004: Two, Two, Two Team Turnover

Just business as usual in the SFFL...  The Northwest Division churned again this offseason with the Hemo Goblins making the stunning announcement that they would not return for 2004, followed shortly there after by the Destroyers walking away.  But on a more positive note, the Eager Beaver, now known as Da Bears decided to come out of retirement after a two years slumber.  Also joining the fray this season is Rob Litten's N3V1L in the Northwest Division.

The 2004 SFFL Northern Conference
Northeast Division Owner   Northwest Division Owner
Dynamic Duo Jim Sargeant   Da Bears Dave Daigle
Gravy Boat Captains Rob Vanderwer   Doughboys Scott Sargeant
Rough Riders Chris Clark   N3V1L Rob Litten

The 2004 SFFL Southern Conference
Southeast Division Owner   Southwest Division Owner
Private's Parts Bob Sikorski   Fighting Lounge Chairs Len Swiat
TigerSharks Tom Kuenzi   Invaders Eric Palmer
Young Guns Ron Mazur   THRAK Kevin Papendick

(klp 08/11/04)

The mid-season factoid...

The Northeast Division saw the Dynamic Duo at 6-2 with a one game lead over the Rough Riders (5-3) and two games over the Gravy Boat Captains at 4-4.

In the Northwest Division, N3V1L were riding high at 5-2-1, with a 2-1/2 game lead over both the Da Bears and Doughboys (3-5).

The Southeast Division as usual had Private's Parts (4-4) leading the Young Guns (3-3-1) by a half a game and the hungover TigerSharks (3-5) by one game.

The Southwest Division found the Fighting Lounge Chairs (5-3) leading THRAK (4-4) by one game and the Invaders (2-6) by two games.

(klp 11/02/04)