The History Of The SFFL


In the beginning there was a workplace. Dedicated workers were hired to do various trivial tasks to generate revenue for the stock holders of the workplace. They even offered to share a small portion of the take with the dedicated workers. In time, the workplace grew larger and prosperity was had -in varying degrees for all. Over the years, workers came from near and far to visit, and even settle in the area to be part of this workplace. Times were good...

Then the economy entered a period of decline. The stock holders were unhappy and the sharing with the workers slowly began to dry up. It was in this barren environment that one of the now frustrated workers gathered together a small group looking to vent this new found frustration. There were several hungry mouths that took the bait. And so it began, Commissioner Jim and the gang of seven. The SFFL was born!

1995: The Inaugural Season 1996: The Year of Expansion & Turmoil
1997: "Cha, Cha, Changes" 1998: Revamped Scoring & More New Faces
1999: Stability at last... or Revisionist History? 2000: Tranquility in a New Millennium
2001: The Little Ones Leave the Nest 2002: Two New Faces for '02
2003: Two Out, Two In, Two Out, Two In 2004: Two, Two, Two Team Turnover