"We are SCUM"

Welcome to the home of the 1995 & 1996 SFFL Cross-Dressed Champions - Millionaire Pond Scum!

The SCUM founded in 1995, are coached and owned by Jim Gabryszak of Kenmore, NY. In 1995, they were powered to the championship by running back Emmit Smith.

The 1996 version of the SCUM was just as strong, powered by an explosive group of receivers, a pained but high-scoring Quarterback in Brett Favre and an adequate, if unexciting running corps headed up by Terry Allen.

1997 is a challenging year for the SCUM. The league has grown up, the kids are no longer drafting Kickers in the 2nd round, or Marino in the 1st.!

The SCUM franchise was purchased by GLASS ONION ENTERPRISES (GOE), and relocated to the Wilderness of Amherst. GOE now has complete control over the SCUM of the SFFL and the Scallions of the AMFL. They have combined scouting, management and procurement operations

1997 SCUM Roster

1997 Scallions

1996 SCUM Roster