The 2000 SFFL

2000: Tranquility in a New Millennium

The SFFL survived Y2K (Y2nay?) and with very little turmoil in the ensuing off season.  A couple of minor scoring rule changes were made...

These changes are expected to further equalize the scoring between positions for the average players.  Studs should still out perform and prove beneficial to team owners.  Time will tell.

The most controversial issues were...

All the gory details under consideration for 2000 can be found here.

Larry Guidi -a leading candidate for an expansion team- became a co-owner of SQUONK as Sam D'Angelo seeks to improve a disasterous 1-12 inaugural season.

So with a draft date of August 26, 2000, we - The SFFL - begin the new Millennium!

The 2000 SFFL
North Division Owner South Division Owner
Eager Beavers Dave Daigle Fighting Lounge Chairs Len Swiat
Elephants Ander Babar Invaders Eric Palmer
Hackers Jim Honer Young Guns Ron Mazur/Tom Kuenzi
SQUONK Sam D'Angelo/Larry Guidi Private's Parts Bob Sikorski
Rough Riders Chris Clark THRAK Kevin Papendick

(klp 09/05/00)

A rundown at mid-season has a somewhat different look than most previous seasons. In the North Division the Elephants held a precariously slim 1/2 game lead over last year's PUNK-ASS ROOKIE, and loss leader SQUONK. Also right along side SQUONK was the other perennial loser, the Rough Riders. Could this have been the start of something new? The North Division was very tightly stacked at mid-season with the Eager Beavers and Hackers rounding out the bottom, but still only 1 game out of first place. This divisional race was far from over.

Down South, the Young Guns surged to the front just before the mid-season break. THRAK trailed behind by 1 game and the Fighting Lounge Chairs in third place, a mere 2 games back. Dark days have settled over last season's Cross-Dressed Champion, the Invaders as they contend for the basement with Private's Parts. Each 3 and 3-1/2 games out of the lead respectively. The Parts dashed off a tie with the Eager Beavers in week #7 to avoid a 5 game losing streak that would have put then into the record book. The South Division trailed the North Division 5-9-1 in interdivisional play. Definately a change from the past couple of seasons. The end was still a long way off and there appeared to be contenders in both divisions, but what would the final stretch reveal?

(klp 11/01/00)

In typical fashion the playoff picture didn't become clear until the final week of the season. Most significantly was the Elephants bungling of their final season game, thus handing the Rough Riders a first round bye in the North Division. The Elephants met the tough but inconsistent Eager Beavers in the North Division Wildcard game and nudged by them with a 73-68 victory. This set the stage for a showdown with the Rough Riders for the North Division title.

In the South Division THRAK sat out the first round of the playoffs with a bye, while the Young Guns hosted last year's Cross-Dressed Champions, the Invaders. They may have been last year's champions but this year they were far less of a team, as the Young Guns pounded them 42-1l to advance to the South Division Championship.

The North Division championship truly lived up to its billing as a showdown, with the Elephants squeaking out a 1 point win 80-79 to claim their third straight North Division title. In the South Division THRAK had trailed the Young Guns in the early part of the season, but in week 10 avenged an earlier loss and took control of the division. The Young Guns had an upset square in their sights, but THRAK would have nothing to do with it as they cruised to a 96-76 win and their first ever South Division title.

This years Cross-Dressed championship pitted the three time North Division champion Elephants against the high flying THRAK. The Elephants, faced with the prospect of being a three time runner up were determined to have their day. The odds were against them as THRAK had been tearing it up down the stretch. But the NFL scheduling gods had thrown some serious obstacles in THRAK's path and this would prove to be no cakewalk. In what can best be described as a week of drastic underperformance for both teams, THRAK pulled out a tough 52-43 victory. The Elephants finished a bridesmaid once again! THRAK capped off a tremendous season that saw them start off 4-3 before going on a league record 8 game winning streak as well as setting a new mark for best team record. Ascending to their first ever Cross-Dress Championship, THRAK was honored to have the coveted Joe Barbie Trophy grace their mantel for the next year.

(klp 12/19/00)