The 1996 SFFL

1996: The Year of Expansion & Turmoil

The off season brought much debate about the future direction the SFFL should take. The THRAK offices rallied the support of the other owners and the first major change in the SFFL was instituted: league expansion. For 1996 the SFFL would consist of 10 teams in two divisions; North and South. It was agreed that the divisions would initially be split based upon the owners home location.

The first obstacle was to find three new teams to fill out this new 10 team format. Two expansion teams were now needed and one to replace Cal's Crew, a temporary employee who was a victim of corporate downsizing. The first two replacements were easily filled within the workplace. The third was more difficult and it appeared in jeopardy of remaining unfilled thus killing the leagues expansion plans. In a 10th hour move, an outside owner was found to fill the final franchise slot. League expansion would now become a reality. The new expansion brought about the following realignment of the league:

The 1996 SFFL
North Division Owner South Division Owner
Elephants Ander Babar Fighting Lounge Chairs Len Swiat
Hackers Jim Honer Invaders Eric Palmer
Millionnaire Pond Scum Jim Gabryszak N.F.M. Bill Bechdel
Rough Riders Chris Clark Private's Parts Bob Sikorski
Two Putz Brian Derby THRAK Kevin Papendick

It was agreed that the schedule for this season would be a 14 game regular season. All teams would play their divisional opponents twice and each non-divisional opponent once with the exception of playing one of them twice. The top two teams in the division would then play for the divisional championship. The winners of the divisions would then meet in week 16 to determine the new Cross-Dressed Champion. The SFFL was poised for a new adventure. Little did anyone know how much of an adventure it would be...

The adventure began when the Fighting Lounge Chairs were unavailable for the league meeting. Not a problem per se, but a draft date was chosen which again conflicted with FLC's schedule. After much tribulation FLC reluctantly agreed to allow THRAK to draft by absentee for him based upon his script.

The season started off the first week with the Millionnaire Pond Scum picking up where they left off -with a big win. During the second week of the season a glaring error in the league schedule was pointed out by the Rough Riders. The commissioner had failed to verify the agreed upon schedule. Divisional games were missing, extra non-divisional games existed, and chaos began to reign! The commissioner remained unwaivering and refused to alter the published shedule. Attempts to rally the owners to force a change failed. The schedule would stand.

Much grumbling ensued over the next several weeks as various owners became agitated with a variety of issues. Tension began to build within the league. A small positive blip came across the radar screen as THRAK became the first team to create a homepage on the World Wide Web. But an internal job change forced the demise of the effort. The house of cards came crashing down in week 10 as the Two Putz owner abruptly resigned from the league. This was prompted by what they felt was an unfair waiver system. It was agreed upon by the remaining onwers that the season would be played out as scheduled with the Two Putz team playing without an owner. They were in the cellar and generally didn't have a realistic playoff chance thus making it rather inconsequential. Ironically, their record improved after losing their owner.

A dark cloud would loom over the league for the remainder of the season. But through this long tortureous season Private's Parts proved to be a major force. Looking to avenge last years late season slide, The Parts held it together to make it to the Cross-Dressed Championship.Unfortunately for them the Millionnaire Pond Scum continued their winning ways by defeating the Parts convincingly on their way to a second straight Cross-Dressed Championship. DETAILS